you know you need a cupcake when…

Some days, eating a cupcake is not only a matter of luxury — it’s a matter of survival.

If all that’s between you and a mild nervous breakdown is a quick moment of self-care, then trust me: GET YOURSELF THE CUPCAKE.

Sure, we’d all love to get that extra run in (right?) because we know that exercise blow off some serious steam, but if you don’t have 20-40 minutes to kill, if your office doesn’t have a shower, or if you’re at home watching the kids with no down time, then exercise may be a far-off dream.

My advice?  Cupcake. 

And so here’s my admittedly-biased-yet-very-accurate list.

You Know You Need A Cupcake When…

  • Your inbox is full of 20  unread, urgent messages by 10 AM
  • All of those said messages have absolutely nothing to do with your already-defined, urgent tasks for the day
  • You double-book
  • You don’t realize you double-booked
  • You’re trying to have a professional phone meeting and your kids suddenly decide it’s a no-nap-all-cry day
  • The dinner you spent an hour and a half slaving over doesn’t cook all the way through
  • You forget to set the timer of the previously-half-cooked-now-completely-burnt dinner
  • You are too busy you forget to eat
  • You remember to eat but still have no time to stop and do so and so all you have is slices of turkey lunch meat
  • You feel like you need a nap all day (HA!  A NAP!  THAT’s rich.)
  • The laundry machine breaks
  • Your day starts at 4AM and ends at midnight (oopf)

Nothing beats giving yourself that small space of time to sit, breathe, and enjoy the goodness and happiness that is known as The Cupcake.

When do YOU know it’s time for a cupcake?

Image credit: lamantin on flickr


4 thoughts on “you know you need a cupcake when…

  1. OK, Rachel, seriously NOT FAIR to have that huge cupcake show up when I click over to your page here.

    When do I need a cupcake (or dark chocolate bar, or fresh baked scone, or …)? When all my trial management skills amount to nothing in the face of unforeseen, unavoidable and unreasonable interference. Jurors getting sick, power outage at the courthouse, witnesses taking way too long. All happen, and if the trial is up against a deadline (like a pre-paid vacation), this is the time to reach for something indulgent. Gotta kick in the endorphins somehow!


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