the most unexpected things

Sometimes we find ourselves doing the most unexpected things.

My background is in theatre.  A little under 20 years of theatre — 12 of those years being a full-time pursuit of the professional life.

And today?  I strategize and write.  About theatre?  Oh, no.  At least — not yet.  Here’s what I write about/have written about:

  • Marketing and Sales.
  • Thought-Leadership.
  • Premise Security.
  • CPA and Benefit Plan Audits.
  • Video Development.
  • Shark Tank.
  • Education.
  • Procurement.
  • Spiritual Formation.
  • Green Living.

…and the list keeps growing and growing DAILY.

I’ve always loved writing, but I never thought I’d be writing about the above topics.

Recently a coworker asked me, “What has been the most difficult thing to write about?”  After thinking about it for a spell, I answered, “I genuinely have enjoyed writing about everything.”

And it’s true, for the most part.  I just love learning new things and putting on different hats.  If something is a little “dry,” I just imagine I’m a CPA in a play and have to get into character.

And that’s what DRIVES me.  I use my background — what I’ve actually been trained in — to inform my present.  And it works — for me.

That’s how I’ve found myself doing the most unexpected things.

  • What are the unexpected things that you’re doing in life?  How has your background informed your present?

Image credit: IronRodArt on flickr


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