a sense of direction

Where are you going?

(…and HOW are you going to get there?)

It’s easy to just keep going without a sense of direction.

Or maybe you have a general sense of direction, but you can’t see what’s right in front of you.

I’m currently reading Laura Vanderkam‘s book, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, and I have to say it’s challenging me.  Before picking up the book, I thought, “I’m good.  I get up at 5 to run or go to boot camp.  I got this ‘before breakfast’ thing covered.”

But did I?

There were still things in my life that weren’t being accomplished.


I want to have a vibrant prayer and spiritual life.  Previously, my oldest daughter’s morning naptime or quiet time was my go-to spiritual time.  Well, she hasn’t had a morning quiet time since the baby was born (6 months!) and I hadn’t found another habitual time.  It’s fallen to the wayside.

Laura Vanderkam would say to fit it in before breakfast.

And she’s right.

My willpower to set aside time is gone after breakfast.

5 AM is early.  4:45 AM is earlier.  But only by fifteen minutes.

What would you do if you got up 15 minutes earlier every day?


2 thoughts on “a sense of direction

  1. Well, you know my history Rachel. I kept setting the alarm earlier and earlier until I got up early enough to get stuff done before going to work. That includes praying together with my wife and getting in a workout. It was 5:00, then 4:40, then:25 and finally came to be 4:20. That’s where it’s been for a long time for me. My wife still gets up before i do. It’s not a competition.

    Looking forward to what you are going to do here and at eos, kiddo!


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