daycare for the working mom

Laura Vanderkam (I’m a fan, can you tell?) has a great discussion going on at her blog about working moms and daycare.  Recently I’ve been working 30-35 hours a week.  Here’s what I do.

(Background: I’ve been the SAHM for about 2 years with 5 hours of work on the side.  My husband is the breadwinner right now so childcare is still my primary responsibility — but he is totally supportive and helpful, of course.)

My oldest is 2 and she’s in daycare 2 days a week. Those days, I stay home and telecommute with my 6 month old home with me. She’s still super easy to manage and I get a full day of work in with her.  1 day a week, my husband stays home for a half day (makes up those hours another night or two during the week) and we have friends from church watch the kids from 2-5.

Other than that: naptimes, early mornings, an hour or two at night.

Total time worked: 30ish hours.

Not super FT but it works for now.

It takes a lot of creativity. For us, the creativity came in when we realized our youngest is so easy and doesn’t need to be in daycare for me to focus and get stuff done.

What do you do for daycare?


6 thoughts on “daycare for the working mom

  1. Rachel, I’ve been wondering the specifics of how this works for you. Reading this actually makes me TIRED. It’s such a detail dependent system that you really have to be organized and disciplined to make it work (which obviously you are!). Kudos on finding something that works for you and for working at it. I’m amazed by you again!!! Not to mention 4:45am… whaaaaat?

  2. We do 5 days full-time preschool for our 3 year old and daycare for our 6 month old at a church-run facility. Full-time is expensive, but worth the salary/insurance benefits if working, and there’s no telecommuting in teaching (yet..?). I too put in early mornings and late nights to get all my work done on top of household responsibilities.

      • To be fair, they go to the same place, so it’s really one drop-off. And as for teaching cyber school, a few of my colleagues took extended leave and taught online classes part time to supplement income…during the days when teaching vacancies were a-plenty. I couldn’t even find tutoring positions outside of the STEM realm.

  3. wow, its amazing to me when people have not one, but 2 drop-offs before they even begin their work day! Getting everyone ready, out the door, and then taking them to different places. Kudos to you Jen G!

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