when will I have a perfect life?

Newflash:  I WON’T.

Of course — don’t get me wrong — I’ve known this fact for a long time.  But knowing it and living it are two different things.  And folks, I haven’t been living it.

I’ve been living in the neurotic delusion that somehow, someday — X, Y, and Z will happen.  All the time.  Every day.  No exceptions.

I will be a cleaner person.

I will be a calmer person.

I will be a _____er person.

Someday, the house will always be perfectly clean.  Someday, I will get enough sleep.  Someday, I will get to run 30 miles a week.  Someday, I will — someday someday someday.

The other night, a small voice broke through the somedays:  Rachel, your life will never be perfect.  Stop chasing the someday.  It’s not going to happen.

On some days, the house will be perfectly clean.  On some days, I will get enough sleep.  On some days, I will run an excessive amount of miles.

But those some days will not fall within the same week every single week for the rest of my life.  I will have seasons.  Many of those seasons will be stressful, and that will involve papers strewn over the dining room table, a sleepless night holding an infant, and not having the chance to get some energy-boosting exercise.  But I CAN have each of these things at separate times.

My life will never be perfect.

Your life will never be perfect.

It’s rather freeing, you know?  Admitting:  Ok.  I’m not superwoman.  I’m not all-powerful.  And that is normal.

It gives me a chance to ask:  What CAN I do today that will matter?  What can wait until tomorrow — or next week?

Do you wrestle with these “must-be-perfect” thoughts?  What do you do with them?

(A big thank you to everyone who responded with so many thoughtful comments on my last post — mainly on FB.  I will write up something soon in response to your responses.)


women: can you “have it all?”

There’s been this idea floating around for a number of years now — the idea of women having all options available to them — the idea of “having it all.”

A lot has been written, debated, and rehashed about this subject, but really: I just want to ask you a few questions.  Please respond in the comments or on FB.

  • As a mom, what do you feel like are your options available to you in terms of what you want to do — whether that’s staying at home, working full time, or working part time?
  • How has the cost of living/student loans/cost of daycare informed your professional and private decisions?
  • What does it mean to you to “have it all?”
  • If you’re not a mom but a woman, how has your being a woman impacted your professional career and decisions?
  • If you’re a guy, how do you interpret this whole idea?  Do you feel you can “have it all?” (Whatever that means.)  Do you feel like the women in your life can “have it all?”

Thanks for your input!

currently on my reading list

THE CHALLENGER SALE by Matthew Dixon and Brian Adamson

SPIN SELLING by Neil Rakham

SELLING TO THE C-SUITE by Nicholas A.C. Read and Dr. Stephen J. Bistritz

LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg **not yet reading but want to order from library**

AGNES GREY by Emily Bronte **because I just can’t help myself — one a lit nerd, always a lit nerd**

  • What are you reading?

currently on my reading list

INBOUND MARKETING by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah




  • What are you reading?